During this covid 19 pandemic, we have been spending all of our time at home, except for the occasional grocery trip into Cardston. Our total community social distancing has really paid off in Cardston County. As of today, we have NO cases. Weather permitting we go for walks in Ducks Unlimited (Nature Conservancy) property which totally surrounds our 12 acres. We also did a 5.8km walk along the trail the Mormons took back in the 1800’s. We are very fortunate to be able to do this. We’ve seen muskrats, gophers, mice, and birds. And deer, fox, and coyote tracks, but NO humans! It’s amazing to see all the different footprints in the snow. When the snow has just about all melted, we get another snow storm. Is it spring yet?? Below are some of our walk photos. Keep healthy and safe.

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