July 31: We (Barry, Leona, Melanie, George, Waldy, and I) discovered a new place to kayak. When we drive east of us on the 501, the first river we come to is one of the arms of the Milk River (on the old Remington property) The river was high enough to kayak on. We scouted the day before to see how far we could go and found a spot off Range Road 223. It turned out our trip was between 17-18km which took us about 3 hours to navigate. As the crow flies it would have been 10km. The scenery was beautiful, saw lots of cattle grazing and eventually came upon some old hoodoos – the beginning of the badlands. The only wildlife we saw was a coyote. Compared to other rivers we’ve been on, this one was ‘easy’. It had a few rapids and rocks but mostly flowed smooth and fast with lots of bends (see the map). It was a beautiful 29 C with a slight breeze.

August 22: We liked this river so much we decided to kayak it again. We picked a great day as the smoke was hardly visible from the forest fires (32C). We saw 2 coyotes, several bald and golden eagles and a few hawks. Less cattle this time. The river was a little lower so we got splashed going thru some rapids.

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