We managed to squeeze in another kayak trip, this time in Waterton. It was a bit windy in some place and there were huge swells in other places, lots of fun except for the paddling part 🙂 We saw a few Common Merganser ducks and a Marmot that appeared to be coming for a drink then saw Waldy was too close so dived into the water! Afterwards we went to the Bayshore Inn on their street side patio for a beverage and watched as the smoke suddenly appeared over the mountain towards Bertha Lake. As we were sitting there, it got worse and worse. We drove over to the lake where I was able to take some spectacular photos. Unfortunately the Boundary Creek fire has now spread north into Waterton Park (see map). The high winds and dryness caused this sudden growth. The smoke made its way east and when we got back to Cardston, there was ash everywhere. We were lucky not to have the effects at our place. It went north-east.

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