It was a lovely warm day so we took advantage and went for our last kayak adventure for this year in Waterton. There was some wind which really picked up on our way back but luckily it was behind us.

Being autumn, the bears are filling up on berries in preparation for hibernation. We sighted 6 black bears!! The sow with her 2 small cubs (hope they are going to be big enough to hibernate) were near where we started our journey. They had a bath in the lake before their lunch (see photo). They paid no attention to people passing by right above them on the bicycle path. The other bears were all on the other side of the lake. The one swimming was heading right where we were having our lunch, being the closest spot for him to go ashore from his long swim around a cliff. He scrambled on shore and got away from us as fast as he possibly could – he was more afraid of us than we of him. Waldy was ready though with his bear spray just in case. The other bears we saw from the safety of our kayaks. The brown one with Waldy in the photo was further away than it appears.

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