This season, only about 20% of the park will be open due to last year’s fire. There will only be two hikes allowed, Crypt Lake and Vimy Mountain. There will be no access to the Akamina Highway or to Red Rock Canyon where most of the hiking is. So I guess we will be doing more Kayaking on the Waterton Lakes. So needless to say, we might be getting tired of Waterton pretty soon. We were pleasently surprised to see that some of the restaurants, shops and hotels are already open. Thanks George for your photos.

Check out the two videos below the slide show. One of the Elk and one of Cameron Falls with high volume flow. They were taken with my little Coolpix camera so not the best quality. The 3rd video was taken with Waldy’s dash camera.

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Elk, notice only one has antlers.

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Cameron Falls – a lot of water!

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Elk from dash cam.

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