November 15 – It was a perfect day to take advantage of all the snow and go snow-shoeing in ducks unlimited around our home. Waldy took most of the photos with his cell phone. Mother nature sure made some interesting snow formations.

November 17 – we went for a walk across the highway. When you look at the map, it looks like we walked in the pond, we did but it was frozen. Didn’t need snowshoes.

November 18 – another gorgeous day for a walk. We managed to see a Badger on our travels but he disappeared down his hole when we got too close. Waldy stepped into a Badger hole up to his knee, it was disguised by snow at the opening. I think it was payback for all the rocks he’s sent tumbling down Badger holes.

November 19 – we woke up to very thick fog that stayed till past lunchtime. Not a good day to walk.

November 21 – another lovely day to walk. Have walked a total of 9.5km so far.

November 22 – we walked another 3.7 km on Ducks Unlimited property again today.

November 23 – today we walked along the highway, total of 5.1km. Took us the same amount of time to walk 5.1km as 3.7km yesterday, 1 hour 27 minutes.

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